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This Day In History: Feb. 27

This Day in History

1951: The 22nd Amendment, limiting presidents to 2 terms in office, is ratified.
1963: Juan Bosch is inaugurated president of the Dominican Republic after winning the first free elections in nearly four decades.
1967: The Protocol of Buenos Aires, amending the charter of the Organization of American States (OAS) is signed. The amendments are designed to raise living standards, to ensure social justice, and to achieve economic development and integration among the nations of the western hemisphere.
1972: During his trip to China, Pres. Richard Nixon and Chinese Prem. Zhou Enlai issue a joint communique agreeing to work toward normalizing relations.
1973: Members of the American Indian Movement occupy the reservation of Wounded Knee, SD, demanding an investigation of federal treatment of Native Americans.
1991: Allied troops enter Kuwait City, and Pres. George Bush orders a cease-fire in the Persian Gulf War.

Today's Birthdays

1807: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet/writer (Portland, ME; died 1882)
1847: Dame Ellen Terry, actress (Coventry, England; died 1928)
1902: Marian Anderson, opera singer (Philadelphia, PA; died 1993). John Steinbeck, novelist (Salinas, CA; died 1968)
1904: James T. Farrell, novelist/short-story writer (Chicago, IL; died 1979)
1910: Joan Bennett, actress (Palisades, NJ; died 1990)
1925: Kenneth Koch, poet (Cincinnati, OH; died 2002)
1930: Joanne Woodward, actress (Thomasville, GA)
1932: Elizabeth Taylor, actress (London, England)
1934: Ralph Nader, consumer advocate (Winsted, CT)
1940: Howard Hesseman, actor (Lebanon, OR)
1942: Charlayne Hunter-Gault, broadcast journalist (Due West, SC)
1961: James Worthy, basketball player (Gastonia, NC)
1962: Grant Show, actor (Detroit, MI)
1964: Donal Logue, actor (Ottowa, Canada)
1980: Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Pres. Bill Clinton (Little Rock, AR)
1981: Josh Groban, singer (Los Angeles, CA)

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