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Professor, What's Another Word for Pirate Treasure?

PiratesSmall.jpg Yarrr! The Library of Congress has posted what they call “one of the most important books about pirates ever written.” Alexandre Exquemelin’s The Buccaneers of America (Amerikaanse zeerovers), written in 1678, recounts the stories of pirates roving around the Caribbean during the author's stint with the French West Indies Company.

One English pirate was called the Rock:

Rock acquired great renown from this exploit, and in the end became so audacious he made all Jamaica tremble. He had no self-control at all, but behaved as if possessed by a sullen fury. When he was drunk, he would roam the town like a madman. The first person he came across, he would chop off his arm or leg, without anyone daring to intervene, for he was like a maniac.
Several translated pages are dedicated to the story of the real Captain Morgan, who wasn’t such a nice guy either.

Originally in Dutch, the Library offers page by page images with accompanying translation and audio storytelling. They’ve done a good job with the presentation here.


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