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Getting Through the Sporting Doldrums with Uni Watch

The Super Bowl’s over. My basketball team just lost its 15th straight. I stopped caring about hockey when a team called the Mighty Ducks entered the league (thankfully, it’s just the Ducks now). And spring training doesn’t start for another 8 days. I’m in the sporting doldrums.

uniwatch.jpg To help me beat the between-sports blues, I turn to Uni Watch, which to me is one of the most fascinating and creative sports sites out there. It’s a site that documents, examines, and analyzes the aesthetic aspects of sports uniforms and equipment that players wear in the pros, college, and sometimes high school. Uni Watch is the brainchild of writer Paul Lukas, a man with a strong interest in sports uniforms and sports design. Lukas wrote a Uni Watch column on ESPN’s Page 2. Then last fall, he turned Uni Watch into its own web site (he still writes his column for ESPN).

The reason why I like Uni Watch so much is that it looks at sports from a completely different perspective. I suppose like anything else that focuses on minutiae, it takes a certain eccentric attention to detail to appreciate (eccentric attention to detail is a job requirement here at the Almanac). But Uni Watch is definitely worth the occasional perusal for the sports fanatic, the occasional viewer, or even someone who isn't into sports but likes nice-looking uniforms. At the very least, after reading Uni Watch, you’ll probably start noticing uniforms more when you watch a sporting event. For me it’s a great way to pass the time until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Link: Uni Watch


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