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Gourmets of the Sky

airplane-food.jpg I'm one of a few who will admit to liking airplane food. Maybe it's the neatness of the presentation. The food is served perfectly proportioned in these rectangular dishes that fit like puzzle pieces on this tiny tray that's sized to stack just so in the meal cart. (Or maybe getting food is just a good way of breaking the monotony of a long flight.)

Airlines have cut back on meal service in an effort to save costs, but one website has dedicated itself to cataloging the array of food that's still being served. AirlineMeals.net bills itself as "the world's first and leading website about nothing but airline food." One can browse thousands of photos of in-flight meals, including special meals (e.g., vegetarian, children's) and meals for the crew. The site also catalogs photos of airline menu cards. There's even a few entries on airplane food appearing in movies.

Flickr photo by nancycallahan (cc).


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