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Weather Wonk

snowsuit.jpgI grew up in Minnesota, where folks would say that as a Minnesotan, you have both the right and the responsiblity to complain about the weather all year long—it was always too cold, too humid, too icy, too dry, etc.

Now that wintery weather has finally come to my new neck of the woods, I'm reminded of the National Weather Service's comprehensive graphical maps weather tool. The map is interactive: just click on your region and move your mouse over the map for illustrations of temperature, apparent temperature, wind speed, precipitation probability, and a dozen other more technical weather markers, at four set times daily. Or jump forward or back 12 hours at a time—a helpful tool when you live in a city where, even if it snows, there may not be visible evidence an hour later.

Interactive Weather Maps

Flickr photo from Exployment Now (cc)


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