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This Day in History: Jan. 3

This Day In History

1777: George Washington defeats the British under Lord Cornwallis at Princeton, NJ.
1959: Alaska is admitted to the Union as the 49th state.
1961: The United States severs diplomatic relations with Cuba.
1990: Panama's Manuel Noriega surrenders to U.S. officials, after having taken refuge in the Vatican mission following the U.S. troop invasion.
1993: Pres. George Bush and Russian Pres. Boris Yeltsin sign the START II disarmament pact.
2004: An unmanned NASA spacecraft touches down on Mars and begins transmitting detailed pictures back to Earth.
2006: Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty to three felony counts of conspiracy to bribe public officials, fraud, and tax evasion, and promises to cooperate with an investigation into his dealings with members of Congress.

Today's Birthdays

1793: Lucretia Mott, women's rights leader and abolitionist (Nantucket, MA; died 1880)
1883: Clement Attlee, British prime minister (London, England; died 1967)
1892: J. R. R. Tolkien, fantasy writer and philologist (Bloemfontein, South Africa; died 1973)
1897: Marion Davies, actress (Brooklyn, NY; died 1961)
1907: Ray Milland, actor (Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales; died 1986)
1909: Victor Borge, pianist and comedian (Copenhagen, Denmark; died 2000)
1911: John Sturges, director of action films (Oak Park, IL; died 1992)
1916: Maxene Andrews, member of the Andrews Sisters singing group (Minneapolis, MN; died 1995)
1926: Joan Walsh Anglund, children's illustrator (Hinsdale, IL)
1929: Sergio Leone, film director known for "spaghetti westerns" (Rome, Italy; died 1989)
1930: Robert Loggia, actor (New York, NY)
1932: Dabney Coleman, actor (Austin, TX)
1939: Bobby Hull, hockey player (Point Anne, Ontario, Canada)
1945: Stephen Stills, singer/songwriter/musician (Dallas, TX)
1950: Victoria Principal, actress (Fukuoka, Japan)
1956: Mel Gibson, actor/director (Peekskill, NY)
1969: Michael Schumacher, auto racer (Hurth-Hermuhlheim, Germany)


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