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This Day in History: Jan. 25

This Day in History

1787: In Shays' Rebellion, a group of poor farmers protesting high taxes march into Springfield, Massachusetts to seize the federal arsenal.
1890: The United Mine Workers of America, a labor union composed mainly of coal miners and coal-mine construction workers, is organized.
1898: The U.S. battleship Maine arrives in Havana, Cuba to protect American lives and property.
1915: Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson complete the first transcontinental telephone call, between New York and San Francisco.
1959: The first transcontinental flight occurs, on an American Airlines 707 nonstop from California to New York .
1971: President Milton Obote of Uganda, attending a conference of Commonwealth leaders in Singapore, is deposed in a coup led by Major General Idi Amin.
1998: John Elway leads the Denver Broncos football team to an upset 31-24 victory in the Super Bowl over the defending champs, the Green Bay Packers.
2002: A U.S. congressional delegation visits the al-Qaeda prisoners in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and declares their treatment humane.
2003: Serena Williams defeats her sister Venus in the Australian Open and becomes only the fifth woman ever to hold all four professional women's tennis titles at the same time.
2004: Spirit , an unmanned U.S. spacecraft, successfully lands on the planet Mars . It begins transmitting images of its surroundings back to Earth the next day.
2006: Hamas, an Islamist organization, gains a majority in Palestinian parliamentary elections; the surprise win casts doubt on the peace process.

Today's Birthdays

1540: Saint Edmund Campion, English Jesuit martyred during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. (London, England; died 1581)
1627: Robert Boyle, Anglo-Irish scientist who helped found modern chemistry (Lismore, Ireland; died 1691)
1759: Robert Burns, poet (Ayrshire, Scotland; died 1796)
1874: W. Somerset Maugham, writer (Paris, France; died 1965)
1882: Virginia Woolf, novelist/critic (London, England; died 1941)
1896: Florence Mills, singer/dancer (Washington, D.C.; died 1927)
1899: Paul-Henry Spaak, Belgian premier (Schaerbeek, near Brussels, Belgium; died 1972)
1900: Theodosius Dobzhansky, geneticist (Nemirov, Ukraine; died 1975)
1917: Ilya Prigogine, Russian-born Belgian chemist and Nobel laureate (Moscow, Russia; died 2003)
1918: Ernie Harwell, sportscaster (Washington, GA)
1919: Edwin Newman, TV journalist (New York, NY)
1923: Arvid Carlsson, Swedish pharmacologist and Nobel laureate (Uppsala, Sweden)
1927: Antonio Carlos Jobim, musician and songwriter (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; died 1994)
1928: Eduard Shevardnadze, last foreign minister of the Soviet Union, head of state of Georgia (Mamati, Georgia)
1933: Corazon Aquino, former Philippine president (Tarlac, Philippines)
1935: Dean Jones, actor (Morgan County, AL)
1945: Leigh Taylor-Young, actress (Washington, D.C.)
1958: Dinah Manoff, actress (New York, NY)
1962: Chris Chelios, hockey player (Chicago, IL)
1981: Alicia Keys, singer-songwriter (New York, NY)


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