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The Week in Facts: Jan. 15-19, 2007

If you're new to our blog (and judging from this week's statistics, a lot of you are), welcome! We've only been doing this for a couple of months, but it's been a lot of fun and we look forward to an exciting 2007. The blog isn't a full-time gig for any of us (we're already hard at work on 2008 editions of the best-selling The World Almanac and Book of Facts and The World Almanac for Kids), but we still make time to post at least two new entries each weekday, in addition to a daily summary of historical milestones and notable birthdays.

If you like what you see, do us a favor: spread the word! If you've got a blog or website of your own, throw up a link or two and let your visitors know that we exist... or use the "Email This" links below each entry to share your favorite ones with friends and family. Got a suggestion for an entry? E-mail it to us or let us know in the comments. Want to have each new entry delivered via e-mail, or your favorite newsreader? Subscribe!

For now, however, hit the jump for a roundup of this week's entries. See you next week...

Major Map Milestone: Say that 10 times fast. Or better yet, just click on the link for access to 10,000 maps from the Library of Congress.
"When She Does a Good Job, Tell Her So": ...and make sure she knows where the restrooms are, according to a WWII booklet for male supervisors of female plant workers.
Ed's Untimely Deaths: William Desmond Taylor: Silent film star cut down in his prime (OK, at age 50). Whodunit?
I Am Soooo Aggravated About that Assault: You've heard about the crime, now you should spend some time... learning what all that crime terminology actually means.
Facts About Divisional Weekend: A recap of last weekend's excitement from resident Patriots Superfan, Vincent Spadafora.
Surprising Facts: Another installment of this fun statistical round-up.
Geni(e) Grants a Wish: Family trees for lazy gardeners.
A 21-Flush Salute: The toilet: more important than penicillin?
Top Dog/Underdog: Yorkies: #2 most popular dog in the U.S. At least German shepherds and golden retrievers can still feel superior to beagles and dachsunds.
A "Memory Machine" for Television Junkies: All the jingles, theme songs, quotes, and catch phrases you could ever want... or that you might like to forget.


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