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This Day in History: Jan. 2

Born This Day

1727: James Wolfe, British general in the French and Indian War (Westerham, England; died 1759)
1752: Philip Freneau, poet (New York, NY; died 1832)
1915: John Hope Franklin, historian (Rentisville, OK)
1920: Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer and author (near Smolensk, Russia; died 1992)
1936: Roger Miller, country singer/songwriter (Fort Worth, TX; died 1992)
1942: Dennis Hastert, IL representative and speaker of the House (Aurora, IL); Henry Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Speed, NC)
1949: Christopher Durang, playwright and actor (Montclair, NJ)
1952: Wendy Philips, actress (Brooklyn, NY)
1963: David Cone, baseball player (Kansas City, MO)
1966: Tia Carrere, actress (Honolulu, HI)
1968: Cuba Gooding Jr., actor (Bronx, NY)
1969: Christy Turlington, model (San Francisco, CA)
1983: Kate Bosworth, actress (Los Angeles, CA)

This Day in History

1492: Spanish forces capture the city of Granada from the Moors, ending 700 years of Muslim rule in Spain.
1777: The British under Charles Cornwallis recapture Trenton from George Washington's army in the Second Battle of Trenton.
1788: Georgia enters the Union as the fourth state.
1959: The USSR launches the moon probe Luna 1, which becomes the first spacecraft to orbit the sun.
1974: Pres. Richard Nixon signs a measure setting highway speeds at a 55 mph maximum.
1992: Russia lifts state price controls on most goods and services—a major economic reform.
2006: A methane gas explosion in a Sago, West Virginia, coal mine traps 13 miners, 12 of whom have died by the time rescuers find them.


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