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Put Another President in Your Pocket

WashingtonCoin.jpg Third time's a charm? The U.S. Mint is set to give the $1 coin another go, but this time they’re using the power of dead presidents. Starting with Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison in 2007, the Mint will release four presidents each year, in the order in which they served—much like the state quarters, which were released in the order in which states joined the union. If the next president in line is still living, however (read: Jimmy Carter in 2016), the program will “pause.”

The coins will be similar in shape and color to the Sacagawea dollar already in circulation. The Statue of Liberty will be on the back, and the phrases “E Pluribus Unum,” “In God We Trust,” and the mint mark will be on the side. Laws have also been passed to encourage more widespread use of the coins.

Washington will be unveiled tomorrow in Houston and Chicago. He’ll be heading into circulation Feb. 15. Adams will follow in May. Already a presidential dollar disciple looking for a new use for those paper bills? Buy them in sheets for wallpaper at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing store.

Presidential $1 Coin Program (U.S. Mint)


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