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This Day in History: December 2

1804 Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned emperor of France.
1805 In the Battle of Austerlitz (now Slavkov, Czech Republic ), Napoleon, with a French army of about 68,000, defeats an Austro-Russian army of nearly 90,000.
1823 Pres. James Monroe enunciates the Monroe Doctrine, warning that Europe should not intervene in the Americas.
1851 Louis Napoleon, nephew of the Emperor Napoleon , takes power in a coup d'├ętat in France, later restoring the empire and becoming Emperor Napoleon III.
1859 Abolitionist John Brown, who seized the Armory at Harpers Ferry, is hanged for treason.
1942 The first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction is produced at the Univ. of Chicago by a team of physicists led by Enrico Fermi and Arthur Compton.
1954 The Senate votes to censure Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R, WI) for contempt of a Senate subcommittee, abuse of its members, and insults to the Senate during investigation hearings.
1956 Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro , with some 80 insurgents, invades Cuba . His forces are crushed by the army, but Castro escapes into the mountains and leads an ultimately successful guerrilla movement.
1971 Six states under the protection of Great Britain become independent as the United Arab Emirates.
1982 Dentist Barney Clark becomes the first recipient of a permanent artificial heart .
1999 The British Parliament officially grants home rule to Northern Ireland.
2001 Houston-based energy firm Enron Corp. becomes the largest firm ever to file for bankruptcy.
John Walker Lindh, an American from San Anselmo, CA, is captured fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.
2005 North Carolina carries out the 1,000th U.S. execution since 1976.


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