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Election Day. Redux.

Oath%20of%20Office%20detail.jpg And 35 days later, the final lineup for the 110th Congress is… well we’re almost there. The last runoff election is happening now. Current Congressman Henry Bonilla (R) and former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D) are competing for Texas’ 23rd district. After the Supreme Court ruled that the statewide redrawing in 2003 (remember Tom Delay versus the “Killer D’s” democrats?) diluted the growing Hispanic vote in the district, the Nov. 7 election became non-partisan. Eight candidates ran and Bonilla, the only Republican, fell 1.4% short of the required majority vote.
Rep. William J. Jefferson (D) won in Saturday’s race for Louisiana’s 2nd district, which includes New Orleans. Recent legislation ensured this is the last time that Louisiana’s federal elections will be decided by their unique nonpartisan open primary where a runoff is required if one candidate doesn’t secure a majority of the votes (there were 13 candidates on the Nov. 7 ballot for the 2nd district). Jefferson had failed to win a majority of the vote in the primary after the FBI found $90,000 stuffed in his freezer during an investigation into alleged bribes in May.
If you’ve already purchased a copy of the 2007 World Almanac, you can head here for updates to the Congress section.

Image detail from Library of Congress


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