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Born This Day: December 4

1795 Thomas Carlyle, essayist/historian (Ecclefechan, Scotland; died 1881)
1835 Samuel Butler, writer (Nottinghamshire, England; died 1902)
1861 Lillian Russell, singer/actress (Clinton, IA; died 1922)
1865 Edith Cavell, nurse (Norfolk, England; died 1915)
1866 Wassily Kandinsky, painter (Moscow, Russia; died 1944)
1875 Rainer Maria Rilke, poet and novelist (Prague—now in the Czech Republic; died 1926)
1892 Francisco Franco, dictator of Spain (El Ferrol, Spain; died 1975)
1921 Deanna Durbin, actress (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
1933 Horst Buchholz, actor (Berlin, Germany; died 2003)
1935 Paul O'Neill, treasury secretary (Pittsburgh, PA)
1939 Stew Albert, 1960s countercultural figure (New York, NY; died 2006)
1942 Chris Hillman, musician (Los Angeles, CA)
1946 Michael Ovitz, entertainment executive (Encino, CA)
1949 Jeff Bridges, actor (Los Angeles, CA)
1951 Patricia Wettig, actress (Cincinnati, OH)
1964 Marisa Tomei, actress (New York, NY)
1970 Jay-Z, musician (Brooklyn, NY)
1973 Tyra Banks, model/actress (Los Angeles, CA)


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