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Born This Day: Dec. 9

1594 Gustav II Adolph, king of Sweden (Stockholm, Sweden; died 1632)
1608 John Milton, poet/essayist (London, England; died 1674)
1895 Dolores Gomez Ibarruri, Spanish Communist known as "La Pasionaria" (Gallarta, near Bilbao, Spain; died 1989)
1898 Emmett Kelly, clown (Sedan, KS; died 1979)
1905 Dalton Trumbo, novelist and Oscar-winning screenwriter (Montrose, CO; died 1976)
1906 Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, U.S. Navy officer and computer-programming pioneer (New York, NY; died 1992)
1912 Tip O'Neill, MA congressman and Speaker of the House (Cambridge, MA; died 1994)
1916 Kirk Douglas, actor (Amsterdam, NY)
1919 William Nunn Lipscomb, American physical chemist and Nobel laureate (Cleveland, OH)
1922 Redd Foxx, comedian/actor (St. Louis, MO; died 1991)
1929 John Cassavetes, actor, screenwriter and director (New York, NY; died 1989)
Bob Hawke, Australian prime minister (Borderstown, Australia)
1934 Judi Dench, actress (York, England)
1941 Beau Bridges, actor (Hollywood, CA)
1942 Dick Butkus, football player and sportscaster (Chicago, IL)
1947 Thomas Daschle, SD senator and Senate Majority Leader (Aberdeen, SD)
1949 Tom Kite, golfer (Austin, TX)
1950 Joan Armatrading, singer/songwriter (St. Kitts, West Indies)
1953 John Malkovich, actor (Christopher, IL)
1957 Donny Osmond, singer/actor (Ogden, UT)


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