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Born This Day: Dec. 19

1790: Sir William Parry, Arctic explorer (Bath, England; died 1855)
1814: Edwin McMasters Stanton, U.S. secretary of war (Steubenville, OH; died 1869)
1875: Carter Woodson, educator/historian (New Canton, VA; died 1950)
1902: Sir Ralph Richardson, actor (Gloucestershire, England; died 1983)
1906: Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet leader (Kamenskoye, Ukraine; died 1982)
1910: Jean Genet, French novelist and dramatist (Paris, France; died 1986)
1915: Edith Piaf, singer (Paris, France; died 1963)
1920: David Susskind, TV journalist/producer (New York, NY; died 1987)
1933: Cicely Tyson, actress (New York, NY)
1940: Phil Ochs, folk singer (El Paso, TX; died 1976)
1944: Richard Leakey, anthropologist/paleontologist (Nairobi, Kenya); Tim Reid, actor (Norfolk, VA)
1946: Robert Urich, actor (Toronto, Ontario, Canada; died 2002)
1957: Kevin McHale, basketball player (Hibbing, MN)
1961: Reggie White, football player (Chattanooga, TN; died 2004)
1972: Alyssa Milano, actress (New York, NY)
1980: Jake Gyllenhaal, actor (Los Angeles, CA)


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