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The Best Little-Known Blogs (Other Than Our Own)

As the end of 2006 approaches, the deluge of year-end "top ten" lists gets heavier and heavier. Check back on Friday for some favorite lists of editor M.L. Liu... but to tide you over until then, check out this fascinating list of "The Best Blogs of 2006 That You (Maybe) Aren't Reading" (courtesy of Fimoculous.com). There are some terrific sites that I had never heard of, including a handful of blogs that should be of particular interest to World Almanac fans:

5. Corpus Obscura
It's an inspired idea: track the obits of those whose accomplishments vastly exceeded their fame. So you get the last boxer to fight Muhammad Ali, the animator of Fred Flintstone, the tuba player from the Jaws theme, the first physician convicted of illegally performing an abortion in a hospital, and many, many more. (See also: Blog of Death.)

4. Information Aesthetics
I suspect we need a chart to explain why this blog is so great, because just saying "this blog tracks instances of data visualization" sounds like it could be a weapon to kill terrorists with boredom. But this site is essential reading for anyone interested in the ways that engineers and designers turn the messy world into a clear visual representation. (See also: Visual Complexity & xBlog.)

Before you load up your newsreader with all of these new blogs, however, don't forget to take a moment to subscribe to ours if you haven't already done so.

calendardesign.jpgSpecial end-of-year note: even if the description above doesn't send you immediately clicking over to Information Aesthetics, I still recommend you check out a recent post about Creative calendar design, which includes links to a variety of fascinating, printable, and in most cases useful interpretations of the classic yearly calendar. I've already got David Seah's 2007 compact calendar taped to the side of my monitor, which makes a nice complement to the 2007 World Almanac's calendar of the year, perpetual calendar, list of major holidays and notable dates, and other essential time- and calendar-related resources.


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